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Earrings are basic jewelry accessories that every woman should have. Earrings, whether it's studs, hoops or dangling, provide an extra shine and sophistication to any outfit. Even if you're headed out to a casual day at class and work or going to a dressy dinner or event, earrings are the accessory you can't go without. Find earrings with or without gemstones, diamonds and birthstones which will give any pair of earrings a pop of color. Get earrings as gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or holidays.

Don't have your ears pierced or don't particularly like earrings? A great alternative to earrings is bracelets. Charm bracelets can be personalized with charms that reflect your interests and passions. Link bracelets are great neutral pieces that come in a variety of chain shapes like links, hearts and rope. Bangles are statement jewelry on your arm in solid gold or silver with a unique design, or covered with gemstones. However you choose to wear a bracelet, you'll be sure to make a statement.

Of course you can find all sorts of diamond jewelry at TrendSellers not only just earrings and bracelets. TrendSellers carries bridal jewelry and engagement rings, fine diamond rings, necklaces, brooches or jewelry sets. Find necklaces and motif pendants with diamond accents, like animals, crosses, angels, initials and hearts. Diamond rings don't necessarily mean engagement ring or bridal sets; TrendSellers carries beautiful accent rings with colored diamonds as well as white diamonds. Cocktail rings with colored diamonds make great accent pieces for formal occasions.

Don't know what time it is? TrendSellers carries watches for men, and women. Find Bulova ladies calendar date watches in silver(coming soon) in TrendSellers Collection .Citizen men's calendar date watch in black and more. Watches are the perfect gift for both men and women. Shop watches with diamond around the faceplate for a dressier appearance.

TrendSellers carries a variety of jewelry you'll want to add to your collection. From earrings to necklaces to watches to bracelets and everything in between, TrendSellers has jewelry you'll want to wear every day. Diamond earrings are a great birthday present for your wife, while birthstone earrings would be great for your daughter. Regardless of who you're buying earrings for, they'll be sure to love the selection of earrings TrendSellers carries.